Here's the lowdown of what you should expect in regards to your order and the service provided.


Erratic Decorum follows Privacy Policy in accordance to US federal regulations. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at, or leave a message on Instagram or Facebook.

- When submitting an order, we will need your name and shipping address, as well as your email address, payment information, and details of the desired product to have a successful transaction and deliver the item ordered.
- The aforementioned information is necessary for the production and distribution of the item ordered, and will not be used under circumstances outside of selling unless consented to (i.e. mailing lists, legal matters).
-The personal information requested is only disclosed between my service providers for production, and myself unless determined necessary to disclose otherwise under lawful circumstances.
-As the buyer, you reserve the right for viewership, alterations/deletion, disagreement, and complaints regarding our access to your information.


How We Do It

Erratic Decorum and its partners work to provide the best printing and shipping quality available. Once processed each order shipped is assigned a tracking number which is provided to you.

Due to packaging differences, some items will be shipped separately from others. Hats and stickers will be shipped separate from shirts, hoodies and sweaters.


Our products are executed on demand. While different products have different processing/productions times, the majority of orders are shipped within 4 to 9 business days.


As of currently, we only accept returns if the item ordered arrives in inappropriate condition, such as if the graphic is printed incorrectly or there's a visible printing error, if the item delivered does not match the order (i.e. wrong color, size, etc.), if the item arrives damaged or doesn't arrive at all.

Refunds will only be accepted when there's an error with the products delivered as listed above.

Once the item is in fulfilment we are unable to change any details/products if desired following the order.
Please be mindful of the size charts on the product page, as we do not do size exchanges.