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Erratic Decorum was first published by Jason Trotter on Etsy in December 2020, following a sudden explosion of interest following the announcement of its concept on TikTok. The casual mention of a more punk, rougher-designed Trans clothing caught traffic rapidly, and with the support came the first publishing of the shop.


Jason is a member of the Trans community. He wanted other members to recognize that their bodies should be embraced and accepted. This store is to shed light on the Trans* experience in a fashionable manner. Everyone is welcome to wear Erratic Decorum; after all, it's with a message everyone should share.

The logo is a Brick on Fire, the brick made to symbolize the "First brick thrown" at the historic Stonewall Riots, the most impactful LGBTQ+ event known in modern American history.

The fire blazing around the brick is to depict the fiery passion of the community and the power we possess as a whole.

Together, the "Brick on Fire" stands as the heart of Erratic Decorum's purpose. This design shines to represent the incredible LGTBQ+ community, and to bring awareness to the pain and success that continue to this day.

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